Jim Boeheim Hates Your Guts

In the type of game that gets us so freaking excited for the tournament next week we almost wet ourselves, Syracuse pretty much just clinched a NCAA tournament big by beating No. 1 Connecticut 86-84. The key, not surprisingly, was guard Gerry McNamara, who had 13 assists and hit a huge 3-pointer to send the game into overtime.

You might not recognize McNamara's name without the word "fucking" attached to it. Yesterday, Orange coach Jim Boeheim lost his mind a bit, screaming about how a reporter for the Daily Orange student newspaper called McNamara "overrated." Of course, Boeheim's aim was way off; the column the reporter wrote actually ran more than a month ago. (He was mostly reacting to a Big East players' poll that had just come out, which had chosen as the conference's most overrated player ... Gerry McNamara.)

But no one will be talking about that now; McNamara probably just shot Syracuse into the tournament.


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