Oh, You Didn't Forget About Kyle, Did You?

He might not drink like a champion, but his efforts have nevertheless clearly reached the level of "epic" and "historic" in recent years. His name is Kyle Orton. He is but one man, but his achievements will outlast us all.

He is a singular figure, standing alone, standing apart, standing above. He shall never be forgotten.

Bear Down, Chicago Bear [Deadspin]

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(For the record, we admire Kyle's attitude about drunk pictures of himself showing up on the Web, saying, essentially, "hey, whaddya gonna do? Doesn't effect me." If only more athletes were like Kyle and didn't take themselves so darned seriously. Of course, other athletes don't show up in as many drunk pictures on the Web as Kyle does either. Speaking of which, there's another one after the jump.)


Oh, You Didn't Forget About Kyle, Did You?