Dan Marino May Look Much Different Next Year On CBS

If you're not familiar with PostSecret.com, it's a website that invites the general public to send in their deepest, darkest secrets on a postcard, and then they publish them on their website. It's a popular website. There's a book in publication, and a lot of people, I suppose, find it therapeuatic and comforting to get their secrets out there, even if it's anonymously.

Anyway, the above postcard appeared on PostSecret.com today. And if that is the worst secret that someone is protecting, then I think that person is doing alright. He or she probably isn't alone in this. I can't say that I've ever wished for Dan Marino to lose two limbs, but not a Sunday goes by during football season that I don't wish for someone to drop a piano on Terry Bradshaw.

See a Secret...Share a Secret [PostSecret.com]