Kids And Darts! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

And so finally, we have the concept for the next Johnny Knoxville movie. The British Darts Organisation is campaigning for their sport to be included in the 2012 London Olympics; and to that end, they've opened the Darts School of Excellence in London. It's for for kids ages 7 to 18, as England attempts to groom the next generation of great darts players.

But darts in the Olympics? We were skeptical at first, but you have to admit that the British have a great sales pitch:

Organiser John "JJ" Gibbs, 59, said: "The days are gone when darts players had a fag in their mouth, a pint of beer in their hand and a big belly.

Hmm. Anyway, welcome, students. Meet your Darts School of Excellence instructor, after the jump.


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Kids And Darts! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?