Today is a day for bad-ass referees (we'll get to Dick Bavetta in a little bit). Here we see an official at a Michigan home game either not watching where he's going or executing a carefully measured attack on a camera man who who's somewhere he shouldn't be. Either way, I suppose it is preferable to being kicked in the bag by Dennis Rodman.

I love the slo-mo of that. On first glance, it doesn't look like that big of a hit, but slow it down, and that cameraman got pasted. Everyone surrounds him like he was just gunned down on the subway or something. And that's just a little ref who mowed him down. I think we sometimes underestimate the impact involved in taking a charge.


Elsewhere in college basketball...

Appalachian State 60, Wichita State 58. The Missouri Valley doesn't look as convincing today as it did a few days ago.


Vanderbilt 83, Florida 70. I suppose that means that the Greg Odens will take their spot at the top of the polls this week.


UCLA 81, Arizona 66. Ass-whoopin'.

Since it's a Big Ten ref, he would have definitely called the cameraman for charging [FanIQ]