Like NBA Stars, But Smaller And You Can Eat Them

One of our favorite old sports stories involves Doug Flutie, when he was at the height of his Bills popularity, and then-Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson. In the locker room before the game, Johnson, to presumably fire up his troops, destroyed a box of the Flutie Flakes cereal sold to benefit autism research. This is funny for several reasons.

• Jimmy Johnson thought destroying a box of cereal would inspire his team to win a football game.
• The mental image of Johnson jumping up and down on a box of cereal.
• Flutie, when told about the stunt, responded, "That's like stomping on my son's face." (Note: This is not like stomping on Flutie's son's face.)

Anyway, Deuce of Davenport has compiled a list of some famous sports cereals, including the Slam Duncans! seen above. We had no idea Alonzo Mourning ever had his own cereal.


Actual Sports Cereals You Didn't Know Existed [Deuce Of Davenport]