If You Can't Trust Sumo, What Can You Trust?

You know, haven't we lost enough of our innocence? Must we now deal with sumo scandals? Is nothing sacred?

Turns out, there are a ton of problems with the world of sumo. The most serious: Allegations of match fixing. Or bout fixing. Or whatever the heck they call those things.

Allegations are being made over match-fixing within the sport. Just prior to his promotion to Yokozuna, Hakuho's stablemaster was caught on tape discussing match-fixing. The magazine, Shukan Gendai has published the names of top wrestlers they claim are involved, and lawsuits fly left, right & center.

So, the point of sumo is to knock the other guy out of the circle, right? That must be awfully easy to fix, and to discover fixing: Just look for the really fat guy sprinting away. He's the cheater. Duh.


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