The Nets Are Pulling Out All The Promotional Stops

Well, we suppose this was inevitable. Now that the Nets have lost Jason Kidd and look like they're not going to be particularly compelling until they get to Brooklyn — just a mile or so from our apartment! — they've breaking out the big promotional guns: cheap gas!

We didn't quite understand where the $17,500 figure came from, and we didn't know whom to ask. Wait! We can chat live with a Nets representative RIGHT NOW! So we did. Our exchange:

Will Leitch: Hi. I'm curious where the $17,500 figure comes from.
netsbasketball1: Welcome to the NetsChat Online. Is there anything specific that we can help you with today?
netsbasketball1: I would be happy to help you. Feel free to provide me with your phone number and I will contact you in the next few moments to discuss further.
Will Leitch: Well, we're chatting right now. Can you explain it now?
netsbasketball1: It's a lot of detail but basically you will recieve 10% in gas of the total number you purchase.
Will Leitch: So how many season tickets do I need to buy to hit $17,500?
I'm just trying to figure out the math.
netsbasketball1: You will have to invest approximately $163,000
Will Leitch: OK. So at the $40 per seat price you have on your page, I'd need to buy 4,075 season tickets. That seems like a lot.
That said, if you can promise the Nets will be good ...
netsbasketball1: Well to recieve $17,500 in gas will be a protential purchase of Hollywood seats not necessarily have to be a outrageous number of season tickets. Are you familiar with our Hollywood seats?
Will Leitch: I am not. They're actually called Hollywood seats?
netsbasketball1: If we can talk via phone will be a little better but our Hollywood seats are our floor seats that are located next to both team benches. Do you have an interest in floor seats?
Will Leitch: You know, thanks for everything, but I just wanted to know about the free gas. I don't even like basketball. Have a good day.


So, that clears it up. Thanks, disembodied Nets chat voice!

Free Gas From The Nets []