Introducing Deadspin Nation's Oleo Hero Of The Week In some countries, ridiculous and unseemly behavior is punishable by deportation, imprisonment or even death. But in Deadspin Nation, one is simply singled out for ridicule ... then deported, imprisoned or killed. And since this is a democracy, our citizens get to choose. Each Friday, "Deadspin Nation's Oleo Hero Of The Week" will recognize three people or things who have blurred the lines between talent, sex and celebrity, or have just simply repulsed us with their silly antics. The top vote getter will then be cast out, scorned and forgotten ... just like ESPN Mobile . This week's nominees: Introducing Deadspin Nation's Oleo Hero Of The WeekRick Mahorn . For indiscriminate pimp-shoving and general boorish behavior during the big WNBA brawl between the LA Sparks and the Detroit Shock, the former Pistons bad boy receives the first nod. Plus, no one should ever wear a suit that shiny. Introducing Deadspin Nation's Oleo Hero Of The WeekThe U.S. Army . For mishandling the Caleb Campbell situation with ham-handed, Katrina-like inefficiency, and also for all the swearing on the HBO series Generation Kill . Introducing Deadspin Nation's Oleo Hero Of The WeekChuges. For pursuing lovely ESPN reporter Erin Andrews with a level of intensity not seen since Cape Fear, this Cincinnati radio host's assistant possibly crossed the sacred line that separates dogged efficiency from crazed obsession. Or he was going above and beyond the call of duty for his internship. It's debatable. Also for having the name "Chuges."

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