So our non-frog-resembling, perpetually indignant pal Buzz Bissinger has a piece in the New York Times today on Barry Bonds. It's a mostly-sympathetic look at the bloated slugger, at least as it pertains to his legal woes. So to recap: Will Leitch and sports blogs, bad. Barry Bonds, good. Thanks for taking us through the looking glass once again, Buzz. From The NY Times:


But last week’s news trickling out of the endless investigation of Barry Bonds has caused me to feel something for him I never thought possible: sympathy. And beyond just sympathy, outrage over what has turned from a prosecution into a venomous persecution of someone who, no offense to the pastime purists, is just a baseball player. And I am beginning to think that federal authorities in charge of the pending criminal case against him for perjury have exactly the same attitude many sports fans do — we don’t like Barry Bonds, and since we don’t like him, let’s teach him a lesson he won’t forget. Let’s ruin him, which the federal government is fond of doing in all too many instances. Just for the record, Barry Bonds is not an axe murderer. He is not a rapist or a child molester ...

And on we go. Buzz is billed as a "guest columnist" with the piece, which amuses me for some reason. Can you imagine Buzz as a guest at your place? Complaining about the TV shows you watch, criticizing your kids, upbraiding your dog for not fetching his glasses ... Sympathy For The Slugger [New York Times]