Eric Byrnes and Conor Jackson ... They're Cops! The Diamondbacks are still working hard to market Eric Byrnes as the funny, freewheeling surfer dude who just happens to play baseball for $10 mil a year. Thus we have The Eric Byrnes Show , which is carried on FSN Arizona. A recent promotion for the show proves that it may be more entertaining than Dbacks games themselves, as Byrnes and Conor Jackson get their Starsky and Hutch on in a remake of the Beastie Boys Sabotage video . "It doesn't have to be this way!" Video following the jump. Byrning Heat Trailer - New Eric Byrnes Show debuts Sept. 1
Click to view All props to ClueHeywood, who sent this in, and adds: "It's kind of funny. Funnier still is that two of those players probably won't be with the team next year." Byrning Heat Trailer — New Eric Byrnes Show Debuts Sept. 1 [MySpace TV]