Nightmare Ant Will Have His Revenge On DUAN

Gah! Run for your lives! The Thing That Should Not Be has returned to continue his reign of terror. And he looks hungry.

Well, kiddos and kiddettes, my day living like a big shot blogger has sadly come to an end. I hope I was a suitable replacement and brought at least a fraction of the usual tomfoolery and skullduggery that goes on around here on the weekends.

As far as who is handling Weekend Daddy duties tomorrow, well, I cannot say - because I don't know. Maybe it will be me, but I doubt it. Crap, just wait until AJ sees what I did today to his fair site. Nevertheless, thanks for reading and taking it easy on me.


With that said (or typed, in this instance), have a wonderful evening. There should be baseball tonight, and we have a couple of college football games on over at tWWL for our viewing enjoyment.

So hang out here at DUAN tonight, for old time's sake. But fear the Nightmare Ant. I know I will.


I will tell you this: I'm fried, man. All I have to hold on to is the frayed ends of sanity.

Hear them calling...hear them calling me...hahahaha.