Tim Tebow's Signature Will Save Our Economy

The world's greatest undrafted free agent held his first "official" autograph signing last weekend and since he's no longer an amateur, his signature will now cost you a pretty penny. Or $160 if you want to get technical about it.

Nearly 1,500 people lined up for hours to shake hands with a legend and get his Tim Tebow* on some tacky souvenirs. Fortunately, they were in a mall so the waiting throngs were able to sustain themselves on Chick-Fil-A and Hot Topic shirts. Then The Man arrived and fans plunked down just about what it would cost for them and a friend to attend a Jacksonville Jaguars game just to meet him. (Photos were $75 extra.) Perhaps we need to re-examine this idea that a backup quarterback with questionable accuracy could save a dying franchise.

If a guy can get this much attention for an autograph signing, imagine what would happen if he actually appeared in a football game. Granted, this probably only applies to Northern Florida, but the economic benefits may be much greater than we ever anticipated. Or, alternatively, President Obama appoints him to a cabinet position, we stick him in a booth in front of the Korean War Memorial and taxpayers drop $150 a shot (discount!) to touch his elbow. Can you feel the stimulus?


Oh, and "a portion" of the proceeds went to Tebow's new charity, the "Put Me On A Plane To The Philippines As Soon As My NFL Career Flames Out" Fund. I think the rest of it went to his inspirational wristband budget.

Hometown still crazy for Tim Tebow [Florida Times-Union, via PFT]


(*Signatures are no longer called "John Hancock"s. You now put your "Tebow" on contracts.)