Sun-Times reporter Joe Cowley is a homer in a city of media homers. But his Twitterrhea explosion last night against the Twins and their fans was something else. Stereotypes about being ugly? Calling players jag-offs? Mocking the dead? Check, check and double-check.

Cowley has a history of this sort of thing. He once called Canada a third world country, and refused to stand for the Canadian National Anthem at a Blue Jays game in Toronto. He's also been suspended from the BBWAA for his "embarrassing" MVP votes on multiple occasions.

But his stream during last night's Sox/Twins game, continuing into today, is not to be missed.

Now the men? Well, they got a bit of the ugly gene. That's why almost every guy up here looks like he out kicked his coverage.less than a minute ago via API

A lot of dudes that are 4s and 5s walking around with 7s and 8s. Welcome to the Twin Cities.less than a minute ago via API

Dudes in Chicago have to earn a hot chick ... in Minny they're falling out of trees and some ugly dudes have some big gloves.less than a minute ago via API

That was some cheap shit right there. Twins are dirty.less than a minute ago via API

T. Hunter's play was dirty and D. Young's was sewer dirty. A.J. should have jacked him.less than a minute ago via API

You don't go to the face when you're dead in the water. Then again, D. Young has a history of jag-offiness.less than a minute ago via API

Easy Twins fans. Just because they where the Twins uni doesn't make them Angels. Kirby treated women like crap ... fat women at that.less than a minute ago via API

Kirby is a hero up here and he chased girls that looked like Springer guests. Be honest about your own.less than a minute ago via API

And for Twins fan that doesn't understand how this twitter account works, unfollow. Let the adults talk, go back to fishing or something.less than a minute ago via web

Obviously Twins fan doesn't like reality. If u can't handle it, unfollow and go listen to Sid's 95-yr-old ass tell you everything is great.less than a minute ago via API

So, think someone higher up is going to tell Cowley to cool it? Hopefully not, because we were heretofore unaware that anyone in the world had a grudge against harmless Minnesotans.