Cody Ross’s Postseason Surge Offers Baseball Writers Their First Rodeo For Rodeo Puns

If you haven't already heard from Buck and McCarver that San Francisco's Cody Ross grew up with the dream of becoming a rodeo clown, these writers are here to hammer it into you with close, dull blows to the head.

Cash Kruth and Chris Haft,

For the uninitiated, a rodeo clown distracts a bull from a fallen rider. This naturally puts the clown at great risk. So there's nothing funny about the job



Hal Bodley, MLB:

Ross, almost like climbing on a horse to entertain the crowd, quickly rebuilt his career.

John Lott, National Post:


These days, Ross needs no greasepaint.

Janie Mccauley, AP, gives us a full dosage:

It's the first time many of the Giants have gone this far — this is Ross' first rodeo, too.


He made the career change to baseball around age 10. No clowning around.


It's been quite a ride for Ross this year.

Fox Sports headline:

Ross isn't clowning around in playoffs

Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun:

This wasn't his first rodeo.

Steve Henson, Yahoo!:

Giants hero Cody Ross isn't clowning around


Unless, it turns out, the hitter is as fearless as a rodeo clown.

And Cam Inman, Silicon Valley Mercury News, gets snarky:

Any Giants bats other than Cody Ross coming to this rodeo?