Les Miles Is Cool With Getting Screwed By The Refs Last Year

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Lucky Les Miles on the Bama game, and last year's INT-that-wasn't.

Les Miles joined KGOW in Houston with John and Lance to discuss the game that is always circled on the calendar, whether the Tigers got robbed by officials in last year's game, the difference between last year's Alabama team and this year's team, the improvement of Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy and Alabama having to prepare for his wackiness.

On the game on the schedule that everyone looks to:
Oh yeah. I think our guys enjoy playing Alabama as much as any because it means so much to the West. Certainly Auburn's got a nice position at this point and we're hoping at some point in time they can stumble. To hold the position that we have in the West and make sure that if something could happen, very good, that we're in position to take that, it has to end in victory Saturday afternoon.

On whether he got robbed in last year's game:
I can't say it wasn't fair. I'd have to say it was fair. That catch was certainly a very significant play in that game. If you believe that, it was right around 50 yards to travel and four downs to do it. Each time you get the first down, you're in four-down territory and you've got to score six or seven for the win. You'd have to think that would be the last drive of the game. If you're a Tiger faithful, you figure we're going to do that. That's the assumptions. I don't know that … we would have had to have ended that game with that possession. … We understand that was a very close ballgame and hopefully we'll be able to change the score a little bit this Saturday.

Difference between this year's Alabama team and last year's:
This year's team's better on offense. Their quarterback makes more plays. I think their receiving corps is in position to be more productive during the game. Tailback's a little bit more veteran. If there's a place where this team may not be as good as the national championship team, it may be on defense, but I'm not sure. I think they're as talented as they were on defense in last year's team.

On Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy:
He makes good decisions. He can throw all the throws. He's got that burst to step around the pocket and going and scrambling and getting you 10. To me, his improvement is why they're better on offense. I see him having the opportunity to get the ball to Julio Jones and some of the wide receivers. I think he's underrated and people don't talk about him enough.

On Alabama trying to prepare for him and the Tigers:
I think preparing for me is the least of his worries. I think the issues are our players and the plays that they can make because we've got some players and our team is going to look forward to playing in this one.

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