Tipster Glenn T. just sent in this link to what's described as "nearly 150 students burst(ing) into seemingly spontaneous song and dance" during Texas A&M Foundation's annual Legacy Society Gala at the Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium.

For context, the Legacy Society "recognizes Texas A&M's most generous benefactors: individuals, corporations and organizations whose cumulative, current giving totals $100,000 or more, and also individuals who plan to make future gifts through their estates. Membership results from giving through any of four A&M entities: the Texas A&M Foundation, The Association of Former Students, the 12th Man Foundation and the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation."

As of this writing, spoil-sport OptimusZ has the top YouTube comment with, "Please take this video down. I know that this was probably 'cool' while performing it but it really looks bad on video. Please, for all Aggies, take this down. I don't care how many friends said it was good, it's not. Trust me.´╗┐"

Good luck to dear old Texas Aggies. They are the boys who show the real old fight. The eyes of Texas are upon you.

Aggie Spirit Mobs A&M Legacy Society [YouTube]