Jets Fan Who Died Last Week Had Strong Premonition That New York Would Acquire Tim Tebow

The New York Daily News brings us our strongest evidence yet that, with Tebow, we've crossed over into an entirely unfamiliar, Unsolved Mysteries-echoing realm.

Russell Francis died last Saturday. His family will bury him this weekend in a Tim Tebow Jets jersey. That's not what's spectacular about this story, though.

Widow Wendy Tatum recalled one of her last conversations with Francis, 44, as he battled lung cancer in a Brooklyn hospital.

"He kept saying, ‘They're going to get Tebow. They're going to get Tebow,' " she told the Daily News after shopping for the shirt Thursday. "This was a whole week before the trade."

The Daily News doesn't say, though, how Francis reacted to his visions. Were these the gleeful last gasps of a dying man? Or did he gaze into the abyss, the light fading, and see Tim Tebow's cackling visage?


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