The Best Videos Of The Week

One of the best soccer goals you'll ever see, Eric Berry being hilariously scared of horses, a racist guy starting a fight in the airport, and Rick Reilly being a huge prick. Here are the best videos of the week.

The Best Videos Of The WeekS

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Long-Range Bicycle Kick Goal Is A Truly Astounding Athletic Feat

Just watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic and admire this bicycle kick goal, his fourth on the evening. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Eric Berry Is Legitimately Terrified Of Horses

The Chiefs would lose that game, due in large part to Berry's continued horse-related agita. (Probably. Maybe. What do I look like, a behavioral psychologist?) Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

Here Is A Drunk And Racist Texas A&M Fan Starting A Fight In An Airport

He doesn't get the beating you might wish upon him, but let's hope plenty of internet shame is coming his way. Watch »

The Best Videos Of The Week

ESPN Camera Catches Rick Reilly Ordering Stu Scott To Credit His Twitter Feed

Producers didn't give ESPN's Monday Night Football crew enough warning before heading out to them live for a postgame wrap-up from Heinz Field, leading to this bit of inside chatter amongst the panelists. Watch »