Bulletproof Coffee: Debunking the Hot Buttered Hype

People are putting butter in their coffee. And hey, if you're just craving a new flavor experience, more power to you. The problem is that Bulletproof Coffee, the company behind the trend, is claiming that drinking a mug of fatty joe every morning instead of eating breakfast is a secret shortcut to weight loss and… » 1/23/15 10:20am 1/23/15 10:20am

This Is The Worst Shot In The NBA

Kirk Goldsberry is a geography professor at Michigan State and the man behind that wonderful visualization of every NBA shot attempt over the last five years. He's been applying his unique talents to CourtVision, an attempt to understand basketball through spatial analytics, and already his project is bearing fruit. » 3/13/12 11:30am 3/13/12 11:30am