Gallery: All The Tacky Crap MLB Teams Gave Mariano Rivera This Season

It's looking pretty likely that Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer and one-pitch pitcher in MLB history, will play his last game this Sunday. He holds the saves record at 652, but this only scratches the surface of his statistical dominance. His 2.21 ERA translates to a park- and era-adjusted ERA+ of 205, which is… »9/23/13 3:56pm9/23/13 3:56pm

Infographic: Which MLB Team Has The Most Expensive Beer, Per Ounce?

We've given plenty of grief to the Yankees for their misleading advertising, but new data from the Team Marketing Report—which tracks sports attendance costs for its annual fan index—show that Boston has the most expensive beer at $0.60 an ounce, followed by St. Louis, Toronto, and Washington. The Angels,… »9/04/13 4:37pm9/04/13 4:37pm

Arizona's Three Losses Are The Worst Three Losses In College Football

Candidate for most crud-awful season in football this year: the Arizona Wildcats. Started 3-0, including handsome win over Oklahoma State team to get expectations buzzing. The Associated Press ranked the Cats for the first time since 2010. Next came a 56-0 paste job of South Carolina State. Oats were being felt. »10/06/12 8:49pm10/06/12 8:49pm