The Association For Women In Sports Media Will Keep The NFL's Money

Well, this is awkward. Since 2011, the NFL—no great friend to women, including the ones who work in sports mediahas been a sponsor for the convention for AWSM, the Association for Women in Sports Media. How much does the NFL give? The league's last IRS tax form available online, from 2012, lists a $15,000 donation… »9/24/14 6:15pm9/24/14 6:15pm


The Things ESPN's Complaints-Page Robots Expect You To Be Mad About (Besides Female Commentators)

Jezebel alerted us to this on Tuesday: ESPN's feedback page allows you to pick from a menu of presumably common complaints, sorted by sport. For both men's and women's college basketball, for instance, your choices include "Schedule," "Bands/Halftime Performance," "Technical - Audio/Video," and—until Wednesday—you… »2/09/12 11:36am2/09/12 11:36am