The Best And Worst Baseball Beat Reporters, According To You

Last week we concluded our crowd-sourced guide to the best and worst beat reporters in Major League Baseball. Today, we collate. We read your reviews and picked out the best and worst beat reporters for every team where some consensus could be discerned. We also pulled some of your choicest comments, Zagat-style. »8/14/13 3:55pm8/14/13 3:55pm

The Best And Worst Beat Reporters In Baseball: NL Central

This week, we're posing a question: Who's the best (and worst) beat reporter for each MLB team? Yesterday, we tackled the NL East, and today we move to the NL Central. We've organized the threads by team. Jump in the discussion down below and tell us why your favorite/least-favorite reporter is the best/worst. Don't… »7/31/13 10:40am7/31/13 10:40am