Here's Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien Doing An Impression Of His Mother

Bill O'Brien just concluded a stand-up routine coaches' caravan tour around Pennsylvania. Yesterday, he addressed whether he said "fuckers" or "fighters" on live TV after the Nittany Lions' season-ending win against Wisconsin. Turns out even his mother thought it might not have been "fighters." » 5/10/13 2:55pm 5/10/13 2:55pm

Did Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien Call His Team "A Bunch Of Fuckers" In His Post-Game Interview?

Penn State closed out a difficult season with a memorable overtime win against Wisconsin, and a choked-up Bill O'Brien spoke fondly of his team in the post-game interview on ESPN2. Unfortunately, it sounds a lot like he called them "a bunch of fuckers," though personally I think he says "fighters." Most of you seem… » 11/24/12 7:14pm 11/24/12 7:14pm