Fox Sports Canceled The Show That Made Fun Of USC's Asian Students

Fox Sports announced yesterday that it has permanently canceled the show "The College Experiment," which last week aired a poorly-received experiment at USC. We won't miss you, Bob Oschack! [AP] » 9/08/11 5:30pm 9/08/11 5:30pm

Fox Sports Apologizes To "The Entire USC Community" For Segment That…

Yesterday, Fox Sports aired a segment that featured Bob Oschack giving USC students a "good, old-fashioned All-American welcome" to Colorado and Utah, the newest members of the Pac-1012. The gimmick: Oshack only interviewed Asian USC students—because in the world of misguided network television humor, foreign accents… » 9/03/11 12:15pm 9/03/11 12:15pm