Whatever Choice Was Made, It Was Going To Be Wrong

We enjoy this picture of Georgia center Fernando Velasco, taken after the Bulldogs' win over Georgia Tech Saturday, because he is holding an orange. Presumably, a fan through him — and some other Bulldogs — an orange to symbolize the Orange Bowl. This is odd not because Georgia is not going to the Orange Bowl — it's… » 12/03/07 9:15am 12/03/07 9:15am

Look, An Important Weekday College Football Game!

We don't often get to write about important college football games here — that's usually MJD's job on the weekends — but we have a rare one tonight: A Thursday game between two undefeated teams that could very well decide who plays in the Fiesta Bowl for the BCS "Championship" on January 8. (January 8? Jesus, that's… » 11/02/06 5:15pm 11/02/06 5:15pm