Brett Keisel's Neptunian Beard Will Be Forever Commemorated On This…

Johnny Menesini, a caterer from Pittsburgh, had Brett Keisel's bearded mug (which is no longer so bearded) tattooed on his forearm recently. We must say that it looks very nice — despite being a giant face on an elbow crease. » 6/15/11 6:00pm 6/15/11 6:00pm

Pittsburgh's Brett Keisel Will Shear His Neptunian Beard For Charity

Brett Keisel of the Steelers will be de-bearded for charity on Thursday, Feb. 24 at the Diesel Club Lounge in Pittsburgh. The $25 tickets will benefit the Children's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh's Medical Center, and if anyone feels the need to truly commemorate the occasion, there will be "before-and-after"… » 2/18/11 3:10pm 2/18/11 3:10pm