Montréal Beats McMaster With Blocked FG To Claim First Vanier Cup

The Vanier Cup is Canada's college football championship, and Université de Montréal claimed the first in their history today when the Carabins blocked a would-be winning field goal from McMaster in the final seconds to preseve a 20-19 victory. » 11/29/14 5:39pm 11/29/14 5:39pm

Edmonton QB Matt Nichols Suffered A Horrific Injury During Today's CFL…

Toronto took care of Edmonton easily today to march one step closer to the Grey Cup in the CFL playoffs, but the season-ending insult to the Big E was minor compared to the injury felt by Eskimos quarterback Matt Nichols, who was forced out of the game in the third quarter after suffering a grotesque leg injury. (To… » 11/11/12 5:41pm 11/11/12 5:41pm

Desperate For Live Programming, NBC Sports Network Turns To Canadian…

When NBC announced it would be rebranding Versus as the NBC Sports Network, some people thought it might be able to rival ESPN as the nation's premier 24-hour sports network. Well, so much for that. Aside from the NHL, NBCSN doesn't have broadcast rights for any major sports. That's about to change, though, because … » 7/22/12 5:30pm 7/22/12 5:30pm

Fans Taunt Canadian Football Team, Team Responds With Fists

A brawl broke out during an Ontario junior league football game between the Hamilton Hurricanes and the St. Leonard Cougars this weekend. Hamilton, Ont., police are not yet investigating as no charges have been filed. [The Spec; video via] » 10/19/10 2:45pm 10/19/10 2:45pm

American Footballer’s Soccer-Themed Touchdown Celebration

It was a toss up for the final video treat of the day - between the above, and a rendition of "Fire" by Kasabian, now that it's been unveiled as the official football song for the coming season. » 8/03/10 2:15pm 8/03/10 2:15pm

Entire Canadian Football Team Suspended For Steroids

Nine University of Waterloo football players are suspected of possible steroid use, so the team's entire season has been canceled. (There may have been a smidgen of drug trafficking, too.) That's Canada, for you. Always so....reasonable. [OttawaCitizen] » 6/15/10 11:20pm 6/15/10 11:20pm

Another Roughrider Goes Home Disappointed

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are not sticking the Grey Cup anywhere after last night's last-second defeat in the CFL championship. It's going to be a long winter up there. » 11/30/09 9:15am 11/30/09 9:15am

The Criminal Element In Canadian College Football

Canadians have a sordid reputation for being exceedingly polite, but they want to remind everyone that they can hurt your feelings with a cutting barb or scathing observation too. Of course, even Canucks who are on the other end of those vicious attacks can fight back like a Momma Palin bear on her hind legs. And you… » 10/27/08 3:30pm 10/27/08 3:30pm

Heisman Trophy Export Business Is Thriving

In my continuing quest to find even a small amount of football to inject into my life in the NFL offseason, I bring you this reader tip: Former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch has found a home with the Toronto Argonauts. He joins all-time great (actually, I don't know how great they were in Toronto) Argo QBs Doug… » 2/19/06 4:14pm 2/19/06 4:14pm