Padres Legend Jerry Coleman Was The Yogi Berra You Never Knew

You'd better go to other people's funerals, else they won't go to yours. Even if you don't know the source of the quip — that'd be Lawrence Peter Berra, known to the world as Yogi — it'll follow its speaker to the grave. Like Casey Stengel, another of baseball's never-ending fortune cookies, Berra had the luck to… »1/08/14 8:47pm1/08/14 8:47pm


50 Years Later, Remembering The Mets' Hopeful, Awful Inaugural Spring Training

The great Robert Lipsyte has a story in today's New York Times remembering the Mets' first spring training, in 1962. Those Mets, as strange as it is to comprehend, were far more hapless than modern iterations—they went 40-120 and inspired a book called Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?—and as such yielded great… »2/20/12 11:41am2/20/12 11:41am