The Old Big East Is Considering A Suitably Bland New Name

With the Big East ceding its name to the breakaway faction of basketball schools known as the Catholic 7, the old, orphaned Big East has until July 1 to come up with something to call itself. And while there's been no official announcement, ESPN's Brett McMurphy is reporting that the a favorite has emerged, and that… » 3/08/13 12:05pm 3/08/13 12:05pm

The Big East Just Got Good Again

No, the sad-sack Big East didn't find a miraculous way to stop hemorrhaging schools, nor re-negotiate its TV deal with ESPN that will pay six times less than what it was offered just two years ago. The Big East, one of the most storied basketball conferences in the country, wasn't able to swing a last-minute agreement… » 3/01/13 9:10am 3/01/13 9:10am