Chris Russo Just Hasn't Found A Black Host "Worthy" Of Mad Dog Radio Yet

It could be that—for the three hours he hosted his drive-time radio program on Sirius/XM—Chris "Mad Dog" Russo was having trouble filling the air for the required three-quarters of every hour, because he said some pretty stupid things about race and media. Russo was asked about his hiring practices—his Sirius/XM… »5/03/14 9:37am5/03/14 9:37am

Hawk Harrelson Takes To MLB Network To Complain About Hemorrhoids

Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson turned up on Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's MLB Network show High Heat yesterday, and things went pretty much exactly as you'd expect, with lots of talk about Carl Yastrzemski, Tony La Russa, and this year's purportedly dangerous White Sox squad. There was also the following, one of… »4/25/14 11:08am4/25/14 11:08am

Bob Knight Won't Speak About Mike Rice, And ESPN Says No Problem

This has been a terrific week for ESPN. Outside The Lines's bombshell on Mike Rice on Tuesday still has legs two days later. ESPN investigative reporter Don Van Natta delivered even more goods today, detailing inconsistencies in Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti's statements to the press and the fact that Rice allegedly called… »4/04/13 7:10pm4/04/13 7:10pm

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Gently Sassed Mike Francesa On Twitter Tonight

Recall the video up there, from a broadcast during the Yankees-Tigers division series in 2011. A caller asked WFAN's Mike Francesa—who was awake at the time—what he thought of Tigers reliever Al Alburquerque. Francesa insisted that the caller had made up a pitcher, whose name, if the joke were done properly, Mike… »10/24/12 10:23pm10/24/12 10:23pm

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Is Really Upset That Joe Girardi Blew Him Off, But Why?

Bob Raissman has the story today of what happens when the manager of the New York Yankees skips a scheduled radio spot with a satellite host best known for tantrums and rhotacism. Apparently Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is quite angry, which isn't new, but there's actually something interesting about the source of his anger,… »3/25/11 5:00pm3/25/11 5:00pm

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Is Finally Free To Become The Big, Big Star He Always Wanted To Be

Fans of the " Mike and The Mad Dog Show" probably saw this coming months ago, but after all that speculation, it finally happened late yesterday: After 20 years partnered with Mike Francesa, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's nasal, New Yawkishness has left the building. Francesa will remain in his current role as 1-6:30… »8/15/08 9:45am8/15/08 9:45am