Instead Of Nike Gear, Egypt Gave Its Olympic Athletes Chinese Knockoffs

One of the most basic roles of a nation's Olympic committee is to outfit its athletes: clothes, bags, training gear, all that good stuff. Someone at the Egyptian Olympic Committee appears to have outsourced that responsibility to the lowest bidder, because all 117 Egyptian Olympians were given counterfeit Nike gear.… »7/25/12 3:25pm7/25/12 3:25pm

Reds Analyst Chris Welsh Ransacked Don Cherry's Wardrobe

If there's anything a sports commentator can do to prove he (or she) is grounded and sane, it's to wear a ridiculous outfit. After all, it works for Craig Sager and Don Cherry. So here's Fox Sports Ohio Reds analyst Chris Welsh sprucing up his usual outfit with a colorful number we're not quite sure is appropriate… »7/18/12 9:00am7/18/12 9:00am