Pucks, Lies, And Videotape: Where Is The Kings' Stanley-Cup-Winning Puck?

The last puck of the Stanley Cup Finals: an important relic, timeless for the player who gets to keep it as a souvenir of the greatest achievement of his profession life, yet strangely secondary. In the rush to celebrate the final horn, not a single member of the Kings gave a thought to that little rubber disc. Not… »6/29/12 11:05am6/29/12 11:05am

The Entire Kingdome Visitors' Dugout Is Available On eBay

If you have $7,500 burning a hole in your pocket, 80 uninterrupted feet of unused wall space, and a wife you're not that attached to, this might be the perfect eBay auction for you. The original Kingdome visitors' dugout is up for sale, for anyone who wants to sit in the assprints of all the great MLB players who… »4/23/12 2:25pm4/23/12 2:25pm

Why Is The Country's Largest Auction House Selling A "Ty Cobb Signed" Baseball That Wasn't Made Until 15 Years After Ty Cobb Died?

Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas is currently offering a "miracle ball": a "1959 Exceptional Ty Cobb single signed baseball." (UPDATE, 6:40 EST: They pulled the auction. Screengrab is here.) The auction house listing describes the official Little League ball as, "Perhaps the finest we've ever encountered, this… »3/09/12 6:00pm3/09/12 6:00pm