Jim Nantz Is Getting Married At Pebble Beach Today

"Hello friends and welcome to the 2012 Jim Nantz Wedding At Historic Pebble Beach Golf Links. Phil Simms will be with us in a few moments." This magnificent vista will host the marriage ceremony for Jim Nantz and Courtney Richards. It is the seventh hole at Pebble Beach and will make for some lovely… » 6/09/12 1:50pm 6/09/12 1:50pm

Jim Nantz Just Can't Find A Woman Who Won't Cost Him Boatloads Of Money

"I have champagne taste on a beer budget . . . I love what I do, but the bottom line is that I'm not making enough to pay for myself." [Page Six photo: Big Lead] » 11/12/09 1:51pm 11/12/09 1:51pm