Rob Ford Got A Football-Themed Cake For His Birthday

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has smoked crack cocaine, is celebrating his 44th birthday today. His staff brought him the lovely cake you see above, because crack-smoking Rob Ford still celebrates his birthday like a nine-year-old boy. Maybe he'll get to eat that cake in his race car bed tonight. » 5/28/13 2:20pm 5/28/13 2:20pm

$90,000 High and Rising: Rob Ford Crackstarter Update

The Rob Ford Crackstarter—our crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to purchase and publish a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine—has passed $90,000 on its way to our goal of $200,000. And we're adding new perks! (None of them are crack.) » 5/21/13 6:01pm 5/21/13 6:01pm

For Sale: A Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack Cocaine

Rob Ford, Toronto's conservative mayor, is a wild lunatic given to making bizarre racist pronouncements and randomly slapping refrigerator magnets on cars. One reason for this is that he smokes crack cocaine. I know this because I watched him do it, on a videotape. He was fucking hiiiiigh. It's for sale if you've got… » 5/16/13 11:47pm 5/16/13 11:47pm