Visual Confirmation That Mario Seneca Is The Most Sensitive Umpire In Baseball History

Last night, we told you about minor league umpire Mario Seneca, who ejected the music guy/college intern working for the high-A Daytona Cubs for playing "Three Blind Mice" after a questionable call. Today, video of the incident has surfaced (thanks to the Daytona Cubs themselves) and it confirms our worst fears… »8/02/12 12:07pm8/02/12 12:07pm

Heavy Wind Nearly Propels Grounds Crew Worker Into Orbit

Keep your eye on back row of grounds crew workers in the video above, specifically the fourth person from the left. Even if you can't find him right away, you certainly will by the six-second mark, when the wind launches him several feet off the ground. That's Kyle Smith, the general manager of the Brevard County… »6/15/12 11:00am6/15/12 11:00am