You Know Spring Training Is Here When You Read Sentences Like "Denard Span Said He Started Screaming And Making Noises To Discourage The Bird"

There is no baseball, no real, meaningful baseball for another 44 days. But the dead zone of the sports calendar has quickened considerably by the advent of spring training. Camps in Arizona and Florida stir to life, as co-workers who haven't seen each other since September get back together for some stretching. »2/15/13 3:20pm2/15/13 3:20pm

Those Goddamn Sandy Hook Truthers Got Their Hooks In Denard Span

If you don't know what a Sandy Hook Truther is, take a moment to read Max Read of Gawker's illuminating look into their strange world. Basically, they are people who believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was actually some kind of elaborate hoax perpretrated by the government, because everything is an elaborate hoax… »1/16/13 3:25pm1/16/13 3:25pm