Looks Like The DePaul Assistant Coach's Home May Not Have Been Robbed…

In the interest of fairness to unknown but besmirched burglars everywhere, here's a follow-up to the "Today In Horrible Quotes" post from yesterday morning. It was about a bummer of a break-in, but Act II features a police source telling the press that things may not have gone down as reported. Start scene: » 8/26/11 12:15am 8/26/11 12:15am

Today In Horrible Quotes

"My father [William] was the first black that played basketball in the Big 10. They took that jersey and his Globetrotter jersey. They also took my son's city championship ring and oxygen tank." — DePaul assistant basketball coach Billy Garrett, upon finding his Chicago home had been cleaned out by burglars while he… » 8/25/11 12:15am 8/25/11 12:15am