All The Clues And WTF Moments In The New Jurassic World Trailer

The Jurassic World trailer gave us some amazing dinosaur action, but also raised lots of questions. We've broken it down, frame by frame, to try and find some answers. And we need to have a serious discussion about Chris Pratt's raptor biker gang. Wild speculation ahead! » 11/25/14 10:19pm 11/25/14 10:19pm

Suns Pranked By Old "Dinosaur In The Arena" Trick

Completely blowing the Flyers' Halloween prank out of the water, the Suns' Goran Dragic teamed up with one of those animatronic dinosaur puppets to scare the crap out of his teammates. Please be sure fast-forward to 3:15 for the Morris twins; even the gif can't do it justice. » 10/31/14 5:52pm 10/31/14 5:52pm

A Goddamned Dinosaur Threw Out The First Pitch At The Padres Game

A dinosaur—an honest-to-goodness dinosaur—trotted to the mound and threw a ball to a hydrocephalic cartoon friar and then the Padres and Royals went and played baseball anyway. One of the largest hypercarnivores to ever walk the earth, here, in San Diego, after 65 million years of extinction, and we're just supposed… » 5/07/14 5:09pm 5/07/14 5:09pm

A Children's Treasury Of Dinosaurs Playing Sports

It's ridiculously nice outside, and I really want to knock off for the day and go see Jurassic Park in 3D, but the rest of the office isn't having it. So fuck 'em. Here are some internet drawings of dinosaurs playing sports. » 4/08/13 6:00pm 4/08/13 6:00pm

Drunk Chicagoan Scales Dinosaur After Bears Win

Well, maybe he's not drunk, just living out the fantasies we all had as five-year-olds. I'm sure the Field Museum loves being smack dab between Soldier Field and the regional rail station. » 11/16/10 11:35am 11/16/10 11:35am