The NCAA And Miami Prepare For Battle

The NCAA has always gotten what it wanted. Because it made up the rules, and is the sole enforcer of them, the NCAA has never not been able to push around anyone in its way, be it players, programs or politicians. This time could have been different. After the investigation was screwed up so spectacularly, so… » 2/20/13 8:45am 2/20/13 8:45am

Miami Says It Has Been "Wronged," Demands NCAA Wrap Up Investigation

After the Miami booster scandal broke two years ago, the university swiftly self-imposed a number of penalties, including declaring players ineligible, forfeiting scholarships, and banning itself from the postseason for two years. The NCAA's investigation continued, however—ineptly, corruptly. Miami president Donna… » 2/18/13 6:40pm 2/18/13 6:40pm

Yes, Donna Shalala Went Bowling With The Rogue Miami Booster And…

Once upon a time, Donna Shalala was a dignified cabinet member during the Clinton glory years. She was Secretary of Health and Human Services, the first female to miss the State of the Union as a designated survivor in case of an attack. » 8/16/11 8:15pm 8/16/11 8:15pm

I Had A Girl, Donna Was Her Name

It seems as if University of Miami president Donna Shalala is forever defending the behavior of her students — she reminds us a lot of Mrs. Garrett from Facts of Life that way — and Tuesday was no exception. Appearing at a coaches' press conference, the feisty administrator said that it was time to stop hatin' on the… » 10/18/06 11:50am 10/18/06 11:50am