Tino Martinez Defends Himself In The Most Annoying Way Possible

Tino Martinez recently resigned from his position as Marlins' hitting coach after it was reported that had abused some of his players. Despite willingly leaving the team, Martinez has decided that he's not going to take these allegations laying down. No, he's going to set the record straight—by reminding us that he… » 7/30/13 3:41pm 7/30/13 3:41pm

Oh, And The Mets Looked Great This Weekend

To be fair, Johan Santana did run up against Joe Blanton, a card-carrying furry. Even with this much-needed sweep, it still feels like the Marlins are going to backdoor the NL East when no one's looking.[Philly.com] » 7/05/09 5:41pm 7/05/09 5:41pm