Friday Night Lights Creator Tells Mitt Romney To Stop Using His Slogan

The internet loves a few things more than the regular population does. Chief among them are animated GIFs, pornography, and scripted NBC shows. But the internet does not love Mitt Romney. So when Romney co-opted the motivational cry of Friday Night Lights's Dillon Panthers, the internet smelled cynicism and… »10/12/12 3:24pm10/12/12 3:24pm


Texas Continued: How Mike Leach May Have Inspired The New Friday Night Lights Movie

If you watched all five seasons of Friday Night Lights, you know that it ended pretty much perfectly, insofar as any program that almost got canceled numerous times and was bounced from network TV to an obscure satellite-only channel can coherently wrap things up narrative-wise. And yet, from the second the show went… »5/04/12 1:50pm5/04/12 1:50pm

Here's Chad McGhee With Your Weekly Knox City Greyhounds Update

It was foretold. By Chad McGhee. On this site. Knox City was predestined to face Throckmorton. With these words: "I truly believe that. I'm just getting that signal that we will meet again and we will be able to beat them." And that's exactly what Knox City will do on Black Friday. Well, the meeting. Not the… »11/22/11 8:00pm11/22/11 8:00pm

Here's Chad McGhee With Your Weekly Knox City Greyhounds Update

Part of Chad McGhee feels bad for the kids on a Paint Creek Pirates football team that got 45-ruled by the mighty Knox City Greyhounds on the first play of the third quarter Friday night. This is likely because Chad is riding the joylightning of a 46-0 victory which clinched a playoff berth for the Knox City boys. »11/08/11 11:00pm11/08/11 11:00pm

Here's Chad McGhee With Your Weekly Knox City Greyhounds Update

Back-to-back wins over undefeated 1A 6 Man 1 Region III District 9 (6 Man) teams were not meant to be for the mighty Knox City Greyhounds who suffered a 72-50 loss to the mightier Throckmorton Greyhounds. This, after Chad emerged from the tunnel at a pep rally to Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady" clad in… »11/01/11 10:15pm11/01/11 10:15pm

Presenting A Picture Of Chad McGhee Signing A Young Knox City Greyhounds Fan's Forehead

We'll be catching up with Chad McGhee later in the week to get more details about last night's Knox City Showdown charity event. However, if you can't wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to hear how his bout with Coach Charles "The Animal" Steele went, the good folks at the Abilene Reporter-News were kind enough to send… »10/16/11 4:30pm10/16/11 4:30pm

Future First Man Marcus Bachmann Eating A Corn Dog? Future First Man Marcus Bachmann Eating A Corn Dog.

Michele Bachmann won the Ames, Iowa straw poll yesterday, which, according to Nate Silver, means she's the favorite to win the Iowa caucuses next year. And, if you follow this syllogism to its logical extreme, she's gonna win the Republican nomination and then the presidency. Or something. »8/14/11 3:15pm8/14/11 3:15pm