The French Connection Is Even Better If You Root Against Gene Hackman

So 1971's The French Connection won a Best Picture Oscar thanks in large part to its game-changing chase scene, which should happen more often. I'm not saying the Academy Awards should always make decisions based on who had the best chase scene, but it should at least be a factor: Raiders of the Lost Ark should've had… »4/16/15 11:46am4/16/15 11:46am


Gene Hackman Does Rambo: The Emo Machismo Of Uncommon Valor

Gene Hackman made a Rambo movie, and only a year after the original. Maybe it's best to think of 1983's Uncommon Valor as the missing link between The Deer Hunter and the first Rambo sequel, two extremely fucking different takes on the idea that there are still prisoners of war in Vietnam, and we need to bring our… »8/28/14 3:22pm8/28/14 3:22pm

The Genius Of Enemy Of The State, Tony Scott's Best Film

In the reaction to the sudden death of Tony Scott, a quick consensus emerged: Scott was a more interesting director than he'd been given credit for throughout his career; Top Gun and his general style helped usher in the age of Michael Bay and Olivier Megaton-ism; and the one movie everyone could agree had Legitimate… »8/21/12 2:01pm8/21/12 2:01pm