Dour Die Hard: Olympus Has Fallen, Reviewed.

If you're going to make a movie where the White House is destroyed and the fate of the American government hangs in the balance, it at least ought to be fun to watch. That may sound sacrilegious—I'm pretty sure even the Tea Party doesn't want Washington overrun by Korean terrorists—but after sitting through the… » 3/20/13 6:03pm 3/20/13 6:03pm

UFC 101: Beating Pipes, Disgusting Bloggers And Gerard Butler's…

By now you know that Mola Ram Anderson Silva ripped out Forrest Griffin's heart and flambéed it before 17,500 fans in Philadelphia. What you (hopefully) do not know is this: Gerard Butler plays with his haggis at the urinal. » 8/10/09 4:05pm 8/10/09 4:05pm