Cool Site Lets You Explore The IMDB Ratings Of Your Favorite TV Shows

For lovers of television and charts, Graph TV—a clever interactive tool built by Kevin Wu—let's you visually explore the ratings of TV shows in the IMDB database. Over on the site itself, you can scroll over the dots for the titles and scores of individual episodes; the regression lines show the trend for each season.… »3/21/14 1:34pm3/21/14 1:34pm

Brandon Marshall Is Better Than Drew Brees, And Other Fantasy Truths

Fantasy football may not have all the blood and sweat and violence and trauma of the game as it's played on the field, but there's at least one way in which it's just like the real thing: as John Madden put it, "usually the team that scores the most points wins." How you get those points may be very different—as… »9/03/13 4:33pm9/03/13 4:33pm