What Lawyers Sound Like When They Talk About Greg Oden's Dong

Yesterday we received a friendly letter from BDA requesting we remove the teeny, tiny picture of Greg Oden's not-so-teeny-tiny penis. We did not oblige. Below, you'll find the charming back-and-forth between Gawker legal pit bull, Gaby Darbyshire, and Oden's representation. » 1/27/10 4:35pm 1/27/10 4:35pm

Greg Oden's Gigantic Penis Is Also Healing Nicely

GOOD LORD. What the hell's gotten into Greg Oden? First he's spotted in a bright orange novelty T-shirt and now, he's one of the many too-proud athletes to snap a naked photo of himself in the bathroom. ABSOLUTELYNSFWORYOURMASCULINITYAFTERTHEJUMP. » 1/26/10 12:58pm 1/26/10 12:58pm