Here's a Rare Chance to Save $29 on a SONOS PLAY:1

SONOS is basically the be-all, end-all of premium, multi-room home audio systems, and their excellent PLAY:1 speaker is $29 off today. That’s not a huge discount, but these speakers hardly ever go on sale outside of Black Friday, and even then, the discounts are pretty minimal. [SONOS PLAY:1, $171 with code EPIC3] » 6/08/15 11:25pm 6/08/15 11:25pm

Outfit Your TVs With Chromecasts For As Little as $20 Each

Google’s Chromecast has been kicking around for quite awhile, and if you still own any TVs without one attached, you can fix that for just $24 today. That’s $20 + $4 shipping, but if you find something else on Groupon Goods (say, a second Chromecast) to bring your order over $30, it’ll ship for free. When you add in… » 6/05/15 9:16am 6/05/15 9:16am

Groupon Is Basically Giving Away Sam's Club Memberships

If you live near a Sam’s Club, but the membership fee has scared you off from joining, this might change your tune. Groupon is currently selling a one-year Sam’s Plus membership, a $20 gift card, and vouchers for select fresh food items for just $45. » 4/21/15 6:45pm 4/21/15 6:45pm

What Can Groupon Tell Us About Alex Rodriguez?

A lot. It can tell us a lot. Like, according to a scientific analysis, including but not limited to the sale of plush MLB and NFL dolls, Derek Jeter is roughly 60 times more popular than Alex Rodriguez. That's a bit of an unfair comparison, though—I mean, Mr. November!—let's check some other figures. It appears Mark… » 10/22/12 9:30pm 10/22/12 9:30pm