Russian Hockey Brawl Leaves Coach Shirtless And Triumphant

This dude right here—who seems to be feeling pretty good about the fact that he just exited a hockey brawl down a shirt, jacket, and tie—is named Andrei Razin, and he’s the head coach of a hockey team in Russia’s minor league. He ended up this way after scrapping with opposing head coach Alex Zhdahin, who was getting… »4/03/15 12:04pm4/03/15 12:04pm

What Happens To Enforcers When Hockey Uses Them Up?

More winter Friday nights than not through my first few years of high school, I was in my usual seat at the local arena, three or four rows up behind the home team's bench. On the ice, the Ontario Hockey League's Ottawa 67's, a group of—boys, really, aged 16 to 20. A handful of them would go on to be drafted by NHL… »3/16/15 3:00pm3/16/15 3:00pm

This, from Sean McIndoe on what he sees as the end of the enforcer in the NHL, is very good.

This, from Sean McIndoe on what he sees as the end of the enforcer in the NHL, is very good. I think he doesn't nail the simplest explanation until the very end, which is that goons are on the way out because teams have finally realized and quantified how much value they forfeit by taking a roster spot from a guy who… »11/14/14 2:25pm11/14/14 2:25pm

Which Hockey Leagues Have The Most Fights?

The NHL has a lot more fights than, say, the NFL, but how does it stack up against other levels of hockey competition? To find out, Simon Garnier of Graph Zoo pulled data from the (hilariously '90s) site and put together a neat graphic on "fights per game" across almost 100 active and inactive… »6/05/14 9:19am6/05/14 9:19am

Flyers Fight Dirty In Another Line Brawl With The Capitals

Bad blood from one of the ugliest brawls of the season finally spilled over in Philly last night, as the Flyers and Caps engaged in a melee that featured a player shoving another while he was done, three guys jumping one, and Wayne Simmonds holding John Erskine from behind while Vinny Lecavlier punched him in the face. »3/06/14 9:02am3/06/14 9:02am

Hockey Player Assaults Opponent By Swinging A Stick At His Head

The YouTube uploader says this took place during a world invitational tournament held earlier this month in Chicago. At the 13-second mark, keep your eye on the top of the screen, where a player for the Toledo Cherokee reacts to getting elbowed to the ground by a player for the San Diego Jr. Gulls by clubbing him in… »11/12/13 3:07pm11/12/13 3:07pm