ESPN Wants Howard Bryant To Reboot "Black Grantland"

Two years ago, Jason Whitlock was hired at ESPN and charged with creating a black sports and culture site, originally billed as a “Black Grantland” and eventually named The Undefeated. Last month, he was ousted as the head of the site after failing to get it off the ground, undermining the entire project in the… » 7/23/15 8:44pm 7/23/15 8:44pm

ESPN's Howard Bryant Arrested, Charged With Domestic Assault

Bryant, who writes for ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine and was one of the standout talking heads in The Tenth Inning, was arrested Saturday afternoon in Buckland, Mass. Witnesses say he choked and pushed his estranged wife, then struck a State Trooper trying to subdue him. Bryant was released on bail. ESPN has yet to… » 2/28/11 10:20am 2/28/11 10:20am