Prankster Poses As Ukraine Eyewitness, Calls MSNBC Host "Dumbass"

MSNBC's Krystal Ball couldn't foresee being called a "dumbass" by a prankster posing as an eyewitness to today's MH17 flight disaster, even after the guest—claiming to be stationed at the U.S. embassy in Kiev—claimed the plane was shot down by "a blast of wind from Howard Stern's ass." » 7/17/14 3:43pm 7/17/14 3:43pm

It's The 20-Year Anniversary Of The Greatest Prank Call Of All Time

The O.J. Simpson car chase had its share of memorable moments. For you, maybe it was the absurdity of a white Ford Bronco leading a phalanx of police well under the speed limit, or the knowledge that Simpson had a gun to his head, or Al Cowlings telling police "You know who I am, goddammit" or just the realization… » 6/17/14 5:29pm 6/17/14 5:29pm

Happy 60th Ba-Ba-Birthday Howard Stern. A Candid Conversation with the King of All Media

This weekend Howard Stern turns 60. In his honor, we're publishing our 1994 interview with the King of All Media, where he discussed politics, what he hates about radio, his greatest guests and how he defines indecency. His candid conversation with writer Marshall Fine is featured in The Playboy Interview: Big Mouths, » 1/12/14 11:47am 1/12/14 11:47am

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Finally Gets His Wings

Howard Stern fans will know Kenneth Keith Kallenbach for his lifelong membership as one of the "Wack Pack" and his odd, disturbing, unfunny bits as the stoner kid with the big dreams that would never amount to anything. A Philadelphia area native and Phillies fan, Kallenbach was one of those "comedians" you laughed at… » 4/24/08 7:00pm 4/24/08 7:00pm

Pat Jordan, Canseco "Square Off" On Howard Stern

This morning, on The Howard Stern Show (a.k.a., the show you used to listen to all the time until either: a) he left for satellite radio, which you don't get; or b) he got divorced from his wife, draining the show of its subtle, mostly hidden pathos), Jose Canseco was a guest. And Pat Jordan, author of the gripping … » 4/01/08 6:30pm 4/01/08 6:30pm